Galivantes Bring The Swing To Manchester

Too often these dance floors are plagued by static social peacocks, too preened and poised to kick up their heels and break a sweat in public, let alone take a stranger in an intimate clinch or hurl them into the air. This space wasting is nothing short of tragic and movers and shakers need to reclaim the space before musical statues becomes the name of the game.

Our grandparent’s generation were much more at ease taking a spin, engaging in coupled dances and having a solid foundation of memorised choreography to fall back on. Moves like the waltz, the quick step, the jive or the lindy hop (not for the faint of heart) helped them break the ice and glide confidently into potential partner’s hearts. Nowadays, more and more relationships blossom online, where the only hint of rhythm is the percussive tapping of fingers on a computer keyboard. I for one think it’s a damn shame. The mating ritual of dance should not become a thing of the past.

Fortunately history has a knack of repeating itself just when you need it most and trends emerge in new forms, reminding us that we’ve much to learn from our ancestors. I speak my friends, about the glorious resurrection of swing.

It’s been brewing a while now in the underground scene, most prominently in the club circuits of Bristol and Brighton and on the festival circuit. Swing and big band have morphed soulfully with modern strains of break beat, Balkan gypsy and electro to create the perfect fusion of foot-tapping, groove-glitching tunes.Manchester based Galivantes are doing great good in our city by helping us finally feel the benefit of the Swing Revolution first hand.

Starting not one but two monthly club nights, ‘Swing Bin’ and ‘Swing and Shout’, with a will to connect “the Leeds, London, Brighton, Birmingham and Bristol music scene to Manchester,” they’re a community of musicians, DJ’s and performers unleashing unpretentious fun with an indoor carnival buzz. Not just connecting musicians, they’re also connecting people.

Putting on free swing and lindy hop lessons led by the Swing Soc (Manchester Student Unions society for all things swing) for ticket holders before the club component starts, they’re offering fun and informal workshops that allow friends, couples and strangers to unite via the medium of dance.

With hula hoopers, live bands playing reggae, big brass sounds, gyspy funk, soul and ska, crazy visuals, outdoor games, immersive chill spaces and DJ’s the atmosphere is more carnivalesque than club night. High energy hootenannies that leave crowds breathless, beaming and totally buoyed up.

We’d love to see this night thrive because at Victoria Warehouse we’re all about taking advantage of space and making a dance floor come alive. So when the crowds of peeps performing gymnastic feats of big swinging, high flinging bravado get too much for small venues like the Soup Kitchen and Underland in Ancoats, let’s see what the future may hold.

You can take your first taste this bank holiday weekend as ‘Swing and Shout’ spreads the love in Ancoats on Saturday 19th April. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

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